A chin strap requires a hair helmet

Have you ever thought about using ancient techniques to straighten your hair? Perhaps slathering on horse placenta onto your locks? Or, maybe squishing avocado, oatmeal and raw eggs together to form a gag worthy paste to smother over your tresses?

We haven’t…but if you have, good on ya! However, I have seen hair products with placenta in them at London Drugs, and it gives me the willies. I’d like to know whose placenta and what kind of placenta is going on my head, thank-you very much. I’d imagine it’s a blended version of whatever they could get their hands on…Gross.

Have you had lunch yet? After reading that, you may not want it. Sorry.

Heather is known to describe her hair as “dolly hair”. What is “dolly hair”? Well, it’s curly blonde hair that’s kind of like the hair on your doll. Sometimes she likes it when I straighten it for her. I like doing it because then I get to talk to her in various accents and pretend we’re at a salon. Last night we were in the Dirty South, talking about fried pickles, Wal-Mart, shootin’ guns and drinking Bud.

In Our House, we both have curly hair, so a hot straightening iron is necessary to get the job done right.


Heather, I told you to stop sticking your finger in the plug hole!


She is a smooth operator

No animal placenta was used in the straightening of her hair.

She is leaving for Calgary today and I’m sure she will have plenty of stories to tell when she gets back. Will Bruce make another appearance? Will the lawyer give her that bill? Who knows….the little men in Our House and I will miss her though.



In university I had an obsession with peas. I would eat a bowl of peas for dinner, much to the confusion of my roommates. Salt and pepper made a dusting appearance too! I suppose people just don’t understand how you can love something green, so much.

A few weeks ago I had a fresh, but hearty mint and pea soup for dinner at Burgoo and I’ve been craving it ever since. As an English flower, I grew up eating minted peas with a Sunday roast, so the flavour of this soup evokes my childhood.

Sometimes when I miss my mum (which is quite often) I think about things she would cook for us; minted peas, curries from scratch, potato and leek soup and banana-chip muffins.

In high school, Alexis' friends called her a yummy mummy...

Or, how her dewy skin would smell when she would come into my room in the morning and wake me up after just showering. I sometimes buy body wash that reminds me of my mum so that my skin smells just like hers. My mumma is nice.

We like to shop in Bath

So is Heather’s mum! We like it when Charlotte comes to stay with us. She makes us laugh our heads off until our stomachs hurt and our eyes water.

They sure are easy on the eyes.

This afternoon I weeded the garden and separated my growing beets. My mum told me to wait until they had four leaves before separating them; now they should all have enough room to get nice and fat. We have some new additions to the garden; sage, lavendar, purple basil, parsley, green basil and a field of mint.

Mint. Mint was in our soup tonight. For dinner I made us a mint and pea soup and a berry and apple crisp.

The soup is easy peasy (pun not really intended) and goes like this:

1 russet potato
2 celery stalks
a couple cups of stock (I use organic Better Than Boullion chicken)
1 white onion
1 bag of summer peas (if you can use fresh, that’s the best!)
3 cloves of garlic
a handful of fresh parsley
a dozen or so mint leaves (really it just depends on how minty you like it, I like it minty!)

Fresh English peas

Saute your onions until they are nice and sweaty. Add celery and crushed garlic and continue to cook until softish. Add your diced potato and cover with stock. Simmer until potato chunks have cooked through. Add a little salt and pepper and throw in your peas with the chopped parsley and mint. Throw into a blender and blitz until your desired texture. I like it to be pretty smooth with a scattered amount of plump peas that will pop in your mouth.

Garnish with sour cream/creme fraiche and a few strings of mint and a squidge of lemon juice.

Eat me.

Sit on your back patio and enjoy in the evening sun.

Then, eat this.

Feeling peckish yet?

It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood





We call out each other’s name from our beds in the morning when we know we are both awake. This is how we say good morning. We always exit our rooms in the morning with smiles on our faces and sometimes we throw on music and have a dance party in the kitchen while we make tea and cereal. Cereal must have lots of fresh berries and banana. Stanley like to drink the left over milk.

On weekend mornings we like eat our breakfast on the front stoop and watch the people go by. Saturday mornings are extra special because our Jewish neighbours walk by and are always so well dressed.

On a Saturday, Heather wore a fun outfit

Oh Canada!

I went nautical

If only you could see the lawn....

The rest of Saturday was spent with fun friends in Gastown on Chill Winston’s patio; it’s Jazzfest. There were certainly some jazzy dancers….Heather was at the beach for a baby shower.

Heather and I both used to play the trumpet and do synchronized swimming. We’re birds of a feather.

The Cheaper Show was also on Saturday’s agenda, post on that later.

I also saw the most fabulous tranny at the gym the other day;  she had bronze spandex short shorts on, Jessie Spanno hair (but brushed into a frizzalicious mane), leg warmers, no socks and white mary jane wedge shoes…girl was pumping iron.

Eco fashion can be your friend too

Last Thursday Heather and I went to Opus for a fashion show that was put on by a local PR company. There must have been at least 85% estrogen filling the room sipping on champers and giggling. And, to be honest, the ladies were looking mighty fine that night! So many great shoes and dresses! A few shades of off lippy, but we can’t have everything, now can we?

The designer was a young Canadian gal named Nicole Bridger and she showed off a handful of her pieces and we thought they very much evoked a summer in France. Hello, linen! Head over to We Love Colouring to check out some pictures from the night. Heather has a love for all things French and linen. French linen is a double whammy!

Did we tell you that our bikes are back in working order? Yeah, it’s awesome. So is Vancouver. And, so is the Seawall.

Who wants to watch the sun set with us?

Good night and good luck. xo


The Boss. And, we’re not talking about Tony Danza.

It was a sunny in Calgary and it was the Nationals at Spruce Meadows and I was there with my ma, pa and my lawyer to watch little ponies jump fences. When I was a kid, Ryan used to chase me around like a little pony and I too used to jump fences. Only I wore a riding helmet because I was/am very special. This riding helmet has a home on our mantle. I may even use it to protect my dolly hair, while I ride my bike.

I'm Special

While we were enjoying an ice cream, we were sat behind a man eating a big container of fruit, granola and yogurt and we thought to ourselves “that is one cool mother fucker!” Turns out, not only did we think he was cool, but so did the numerous people that went up to him to ask for his picture.

My dad is a smart man (he used to be a teacher, you know!) and he piped up that Bruce Springsteen’s daughter was riding in the Nationals that weekend. In a flash, my dad disappeared and before we knew it, he was asking The Boss about the Roy Orbison concert he played in the 80s. I was too chicken to go over and take a picture, so my lawyer did. I’m still waiting for my bill. Shit.

Behold, my old man and THE Boss. My dad thinks he is the Boss in our house, but we all know Bentley is.

The Boss - most dreamy 60-something year old

Later that night, Anastasia came over for dinner and told us that Dodo thought Bruce was part owner of Spruce Meadows because they kept on calling him “the boss” on the news. Bless Dodobird!


Meet Heather’s family

If you have met Heather, you know that she’s pretty fantastic and I think that this photo pretty much sums up how awesome she is…

The family that looks totally awkward together, stays together?!

Now, please note a few things here:

  • Anastasia (future Olympian) is in her speed skating get-up. Some kids have a little mermaid dance costume, or perhaps a nice velvet riding helmet, not little A – she has a rubber onesie!
  • Yes, that is Heather with the short hair and yes, that is her brother leaning over top of her. Even in her Value Village golf shirt phase, she sure had pretty nails.
  • Heather’s Aunt M must love her kids the most because none of them are doing anything embarrassing in this photo, apart from being in it…

Another reason why Heather (and her family) are the dog’s bollocks, she’s totally cool with this picture being up here. How hasn’t http://www.awkwardfamilyphoto.com got a hold of this yet?!

This picture makes me laugh more than the egg joke.


Gaga knows best

This morning I woke up at 5:55am to work before a 9am appointment downtown. Turns out that pesky appointment is tomorrow morning and I only figured that out after I got downtown…

Malaise is setting in and a nap sure does sound nice right now, but instead I will listen to GagaMotha’s own advice to herself.

“When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, ‘Bitch, you’re Lady GaGa, you get up and walk the walk today.’ “- Rolling Stone

Photo by Michael_Spencer on flickr

Everybody say it now!