On a Saturday

Weekends, birthdays, random days off from work; they’re all an excuse to go to our favourite breakfast spot, Medina. Yes, the wait. The wait is a downer sometimes, especially when you’re hungover and tired from pre-30 Friday night adventures with crazy Calgarians. That’s another post in itself, one that deserves a video blog to fully expose the awesomeness of the band at the Astoria….tight metallic dresses, terrible ballet, mary jane-esque flats and more mumbling than Ozzy himself. Were there even words to those songs?!

Anyways. Moving on.

Fact is, the wait is worth it. Don’t even contemplate going elsewhere, even if only for a hot second. Nothing compares. Really.

Why do I even bother looking at the menu?

He said it was delicious, but it's certainly no Libanais.

We get the same thing every time – Lavender lattes (half sweet with skim) and the Libanais (with grilled focaccia instead of pita chips for me, but Heather likes the crunchy pita chips). If she’s feeling extra naughty, Heather will get a waffle with lavender chocolate. I usually steal a bite. Sinful, I know…but have you seen her?! She’s the devil in disguise.

If you keep your face like that, it's going to stick forever.

Look who we met outside! His lashes were the best thing I’ve seen since…well, they’re the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

Pooch, I likes you. Yer lashes are purdy!


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