A Monday joke

If you’re my friend, you have likely hear this joke before. It’s an oldie, but it’s certainly a goodie. It has not been changed or altered from the original email I received.

“Two eggs, on their wedding night, have happily just been married and everything is juicy.  things are heating up.  they go to slip into something more comfortable, she gets into some sexy night clothes and he comes out pretty naked but wearing a motorcycle helmet.  she’s like ok whatever, and they start to make out and stuff.  after a while, he has still not taken off the helmet and she’s practically naked.  she finally asks, listen, this is fun, and everything, but why the hell are you wearing a motorcycle helmet on our marriage night???  he says, i’m sorry, but the last time i was this hard somebody smacked me over the head with a spoon!!!”

I lied, I slightly altered it…I couldn’t stand the conjunctions sans apostrophe. The punctuation and missing capitalizations are somewhat killing me to look at, but I’ll let it slide.

Anyone else remember this little grammar song? “Conjunction – junction, what’s your function?”



One thought on “A Monday joke

  1. You kill me. I love it!

    I will remember this one on my wedding night! Ha ha.

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