Meet Heather’s family

If you have met Heather, you know that she’s pretty fantastic and I think that this photo pretty much sums up how awesome she is…

The family that looks totally awkward together, stays together?!

Now, please note a few things here:

  • Anastasia (future Olympian) is in her speed skating get-up. Some kids have a little mermaid dance costume, or perhaps a nice velvet riding helmet, not little A – she has a rubber onesie!
  • Yes, that is Heather with the short hair and yes, that is her brother leaning over top of her. Even in her Value Village golf shirt phase, she sure had pretty nails.
  • Heather’s Aunt M must love her kids the most because none of them are doing anything embarrassing in this photo, apart from being in it…

Another reason why Heather (and her family) are the dog’s bollocks, she’s totally cool with this picture being up here. How hasn’t got a hold of this yet?!

This picture makes me laugh more than the egg joke.



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