Eco fashion can be your friend too

Last Thursday Heather and I went to Opus for a fashion show that was put on by a local PR company. There must have been at least 85% estrogen filling the room sipping on champers and giggling. And, to be honest, the ladies were looking mighty fine that night! So many great shoes and dresses! A few shades of off lippy, but we can’t have everything, now can we?

The designer was a young Canadian gal named Nicole Bridger and she showed off a handful of her pieces and we thought they very much evoked a summer in France. Hello, linen! Head over to We Love Colouring to check out some pictures from the night. Heather has a love for all things French and linen. French linen is a double whammy!

Did we tell you that our bikes are back in working order? Yeah, it’s awesome. So is Vancouver. And, so is the Seawall.

Who wants to watch the sun set with us?

Good night and good luck. xo



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