It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood





We call out each other’s name from our beds in the morning when we know we are both awake. This is how we say good morning. We always exit our rooms in the morning with smiles on our faces and sometimes we throw on music and have a dance party in the kitchen while we make tea and cereal. Cereal must have lots of fresh berries and banana. Stanley like to drink the left over milk.

On weekend mornings we like eat our breakfast on the front stoop and watch the people go by. Saturday mornings are extra special because our Jewish neighbours walk by and are always so well dressed.

On a Saturday, Heather wore a fun outfit

Oh Canada!

I went nautical

If only you could see the lawn....

The rest of Saturday was spent with fun friends in Gastown on Chill Winston’s patio; it’s Jazzfest. There were certainly some jazzy dancers….Heather was at the beach for a baby shower.

Heather and I both used to play the trumpet and do synchronized swimming. We’re birds of a feather.

The Cheaper Show was also on Saturday’s agenda, post on that later.

I also saw the most fabulous tranny at the gym the other day;  she had bronze spandex short shorts on, Jessie Spanno hair (but brushed into a frizzalicious mane), leg warmers, no socks and white mary jane wedge shoes…girl was pumping iron.


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