A chin strap requires a hair helmet

Have you ever thought about using ancient techniques to straighten your hair? Perhaps slathering on horse placenta onto your locks? Or, maybe squishing avocado, oatmeal and raw eggs together to form a gag worthy paste to smother over your tresses?

We haven’t…but if you have, good on ya! However, I have seen hair products with placenta in them at London Drugs, and it gives me the willies. I’d like to know whose placenta and what kind of placenta is going on my head, thank-you very much. I’d imagine it’s a blended version of whatever they could get their hands on…Gross.

Have you had lunch yet? After reading that, you may not want it. Sorry.

Heather is known to describe her hair as “dolly hair”. What is “dolly hair”? Well, it’s curly blonde hair that’s kind of like the hair on your doll. Sometimes she likes it when I straighten it for her. I like doing it because then I get to talk to her in various accents and pretend we’re at a salon. Last night we were in the Dirty South, talking about fried pickles, Wal-Mart, shootin’ guns and drinking Bud.

In Our House, we both have curly hair, so a hot straightening iron is necessary to get the job done right.


Heather, I told you to stop sticking your finger in the plug hole!


She is a smooth operator

No animal placenta was used in the straightening of her hair.

She is leaving for Calgary today and I’m sure she will have plenty of stories to tell when she gets back. Will Bruce make another appearance? Will the lawyer give her that bill? Who knows….the little men in Our House and I will miss her though.


2 thoughts on “A chin strap requires a hair helmet

  1. this is really scary!

  2. Heather’s hair or the placenta products?

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