Oh Canada!

Canada turned another year older last week and she graced us with a bit of attitude. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to – that she did. Tears fell from the sky in Vancouver during the day and by evening, she sorted herself out and brought out the sun.

I once had a pinata for my birthday and didn’t realize that it was supposed to have the crap smashed out of it and I too cried. While my mum distracted the kids with candy, our nanny (who also taught me how to make spring rolls when I was 7) consoled me and explained how pinatas worked. We rescued the head of the donkey and that satisfied me.

Our Canada Day was filled with fun in Vancouver and Calgary.

Boys, sometimes a girl just needs one. Boys.

That is Daniel, Heather says he likes chicken. Hi Daniel. Who is that other striking fella? Mystery man.


2 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. I’ve seen a Japanese movie like that, is he some kind of a ghost who is trying to abduct loved ones from us?

  2. Not a ghost, an alien who abducts pretty ladies to move to the Wild Wild West!

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