Tuesday’s tip from the lawyer

Summer is all about having a barbeque with friends and at Our House, we have been quite successful with our barbeques this year. Three in a row! Veggies, fishies and wieners (for the four legged meat eating type) danced on the grill over the weekend.

While we were enjoying ourselves in Vancouver, the lawyer was having his own barbeque and came up with something prolific :

Sir John A Macdonald is a feisty old fart.

Sir Dub-ya Laurier never looked so relaxed

Your Majesty, I'm confused.Today’s tip from the lawyer is to use your brain. You never know when you will crack a case (legal case, not a case of beer), or come up with some jazzy idea that will entertain your friends miles and miles away.

Bullet necklace, funny money pictures…what will you come up with next, dear A?

Excuse our absence; Our House was filled with fluid in the ear and food poisoning last week.


One thought on “Tuesday’s tip from the lawyer

  1. hahaha those are the best money pictures ever! Brilliant!

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