Kitty Cold!

The Wee House has become divided by provinces! Heather is now in Calgary and her new home is aptly called The Love Shack. However, both of us are still living in wee spaces. So, the blog’s name will not change. We’ve had enough change for the next little while and there’s no reason to get all crazy.

With all the changes going on, poor little Vincey poo got a kitty cold.  His nose was running like a leaky faucet, he had to breath through his mouth, his eyes were running and he took on a quiet disposition. For those that know Vince, that’s an unlikely occurrence! What does a kitty with a cold look like?


Yes, Vince was even MORE cute with a kitty cold.

Vincey, I miss you and your mamma!

*Formatting is being bitchy today and won’t rotate pictures.


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