Shit my dad says

In the last year my dad bought his first iPhone. Whether or not he knew how to use it for the longest time is another story. Recently, he has learned how to text and quite often sends me texts at 5:50am (7:50am his time) saying “What are you up to kiddo?” Well, truth be told…I’m sleeping. I find it incredibly endearing that he sends them, even at such an ungodly hour.

One day, I randomly got a text and it was just a blurred image of his face.

Look at me, I'm Simone

He later told me he was doing a Simone picture. Exhibit A

Pucker up, big boy!

I recently had strange skin irriation which ended up looking like a bug bite. Whenever an ailment occurs, he’s my go-to man; Doctor Dad comes in handy. So, I sent him a picture of said irritation on my arm and wrote “Cancer?”. No answer. Text again “Dad, I have a two week old tumor and I’ve named it Bubba.” His response “Lol”. Yes, he said L-O-L. That’s cause for an lol in itself. He continued and said “Could be an extra nipple” then “Probably cutaneous. Anthrax.” I love him and he loves my jovial hypochondria.

The most recent amusing text occurred today. He was supposed to call and didn’t, so I sent him a text last night saying “Did that phone call get hijacked by a carrier pigeon?”  Today I got this response “No, but I’m stuck up a tree”

Hunting for Wild Boar in the Dirrrty South.

He is funny. I love him.


3 thoughts on “Shit my dad says

  1. haha i love this post as im in it 🙂 and i also got that pic last night about y he didn’t call and the pic of the gun fantastic, and i also got a blurred picture but its different to that! got to love the randomness and him!

  2. Hah! This was a good one. How is the newly acquired nipple by the way?

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