Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Treasure hunts; as children we all loved them and somehow they tend to get lost amongst the wayside as we grow older. There’s curiosity, a chase and something special at the end. Sounds much like a relationship, really. Well, Heatie’s relationship is on the road to something spectacular, a September wedding! Her lovely fiance is like a mullet, he’s business at the front and a party in the back and knows how to have a good time in any situation. So, when it’s his lady’s birthday, a scavenger hunt is the perfect present.

Vince gives a helping paw.

A scavenger hunt starts with some clues, and smarty pant eight year olds are a useful tool when figuring confusing shit out.

'At its heart, this is the story of two people who met by chance, fell in love and defied the odds to travel the world and follow their dreams'

This darling Kate Spade clutch was at the end of this rainbow. Fitting for a bride-to-be and the perfect accessory for her wedding day. One day, we’ll let you in on how they met, but it’s about as romantic as the quote on the back of the clutch. (see caption) In this case, first loves are forever loves. Magic!


Inside, Heather will be able to store wedding day essentials like, lipstick, tissues and a flask of vodka!

Birthday scavenger hunts that end in Kate Spade purses are a good thing. Well done, you!


Pretty Little Things

This is the summer of weddings and there’s no better time to get a new dress. These two BCBG beauties are ranking high in the running and if you can expect me to recycle one of these at all three weddings, plus the yet to be found fascinating fascinator.

As Ida Maria said, "I like you so much better when you're naked. I like me so much better when you're naked."

Or, the colour I have my heart set on, Navy.

Ahoy hoy!

What’s your favourite place to go dress hunting for the wedding season?

I dream of a vacation

A Fair friend and I have been dreaming of a beach in Crete for months and months and if I won the lottery, I’d book a flight for her and I in an instant. Once there, we’d set up shop on the beach, buy some cheap wine (yes, even millionaires do that…I think? I hope.), stock up on olives and nuts and gaze at the beautiful men, I mean azure blue ocean and clear skies, while beads of sweat trickle down to remind us that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Kansas being rainy Vancouver. Or, temperate Toronto.

What does that story have to do with this post? Nothing, actually. But, these grilled vegetables, hummus, cured meats and cornichon can certainly be found in lands yonder. I dare you to say cornichon only once. See, you can’t do it. It’s a fun word. Cornichon, cornichon, cornichon.

Shoe bread! It's always 3:99 at my house.

Making bread may cause blurred vision. I’ve always wanted to give ciabatta a go and the first time wasn’t so bad. I should have let it sit much longer, but time was of the essence. It was basically a mix of

4 cups of flour (I used all purpose because that’s all I had, but next time I’ll use bread flower)

1 sachet of yeast

1tsp salt

1tbs honey (those little yeasties are hungry little turds!)

2 cups of warm water (I think…can’t remember)

The beautiful thing about this bread is that no kneading is required and the consistency is very peculiar. I used a spatula to mix everything together into a gooey slurry bowl of goop. It was strange because it looked like it would be super sticky, but it wasn’t. If I could imagine what the texture of sea cucumber would be like, this was it. You should let this sit for about 12 or so hours and in that time it will bubble away into something beautiful. When it’s ready, you can pour it out of the bowl onto whatever you want to bake it on. It doesn’t hurt to flour your sheet. And, if you think it’s too soupy or gooey, add more flour. Or, Google a real recipe. I baked this at 400 C for I think 40 mins.

Hello, gorgeous.

And then that happened.

I later made a meat panties with the leftovers.

Here we have some kind of hard cheese, olives, CORNICHON!, beef Bresoala and cured bison from the French charcuterie place in Granville Island. As someone that doesn’t eat pork, it’s hard to find smoked/cured meats, but this beef Bresoala (an Italian air cured beef) and bison are great. Not to mention, bison is super good for you and more lean than chicken.

Hummus, houmus, whatever.

To get our veggies in, I blended some chickpeas, tahini, garlic, salt and lemon juice and finished it off with a little paprika and olive oil. I like my hummous to be a little on the thinner side, so I add some water to make it lest paste like and reduce the amount of oil that a lot of recipes call for and just do a small drizzle sometimes on the top after it’s made. To go with the hummous, we had some endive, peppers, grilled eggplant and zucchini. A little olive oil, salt and pepper touched the eggplant and zucchini before I used a cast iron grill pan to cook these babies.

Oyster Bay Merlot, surprisingly flavourful.

The main purpose of this impromptu Sunday dinner was because Dr. G and her beau were on their way back from Fanny Bay (yes, you Brits can insert your crotch jokes here) and came with a bunch of oysters. A simple mignonette, lemon juice and hot sauce were sloshed on them.

Sunday dinners, they’re a good thing!

Heat 3.1

This time last year there was a mad-hatting birthday party for a certain gal who turned 30. There were men in green suits, children playing with bugs and a lot of adults indulging in birthday cheer. How can you top a party like that?

Birthday girls have more fun.

Back to the green man…

"One order of green man coming right up!"

Happy Birthday to a gal that knows how to bring down the house!

Hall-ah. Get it? Hallway. Holla. Yeah...

This outfit is brought to us by a boxy Forever 21 sweater that’s perfectly paired with Joe’s jeggings and Heat’s Canon G10 shot caught this in RAW for our viewing pleasure.

La vita รจ bella!

Favourite Things!

If this were anything like the Oprah show, I’d have boxes of Kleenex, a couple of Ativan and a paper bag delivered to each of you prior to this post. Sadly, there are no giveaways today, but please feel free to hyperventilate, freak out a little and video tape it. YouTube is always in need of more videos like this.

Creature comforts and favourite things vary for each of us, but here are a few of my favs.

Vancouver, you're dashing.

Though one is not born and raised in this fine city, it’s definitely home. Sun, sand, mountains, wild mushrooms, vineyards, the Pacific, some of the best local produce and seafood around create the perfect canvas for a lovely life. Fun-tastic friends and a sister on the way complete the list of life. The only downside is that England, Arkansas, Greece, Calgary and Ontario could be a little closer.

Milk, it does the body good.

Glass bottles! Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. Not to mention, milk is a key ingredient to starting the day off right with a cup of tea.


Cast iron nautical hooks are the perfect bathroom fixture to hang jewelry.


Especially when used to hang handmade, antique lace necklaces that your friend’s grandmother made and a darling necklace that your little sister in England sent you for your birthday.

Mennonites give you good deal.

Weekends in Abbotsford with a good friend often result in trips to MCC where many coloured glass goodies can be found. These vintage, coloured glass bowls cost less than $0.75 each.

Scratch and sniff.

Jo Malone exudes natural scents that can be mixed and matched. I could smell myself, and anyone else who wears this, all day long.

Come over to my house, my house.

My mum’s got a thing for signed costume jewelry and on her most recent trip in October 2010, we went to Doda on Richards Street and she treated me to this 1958 Art Deco beaut of a bracelet.

Marc Jacobs knows the way to a gal's heart.

Soft, buttery, pleated leather creates the perfect purse that’s adorned with gold fixtures and brown leather. Sometimes we covet things for months on end and dream of long nights with Marc. Then, your birthday comes around and friends and Mumma spoil you.

Cherry Blossoms

The season is coming to an end, but Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver make my eyes drool.

Santa! Remember when Heat wore this at Christmas?!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! Got em'. DING DING DING!!

Yes, it’s May. And, yes, this was due to be posted in January. Shit got busy, k? In any case, Heather is timeless with her style and likes to mix and match.

Shirt: Target

Skirt: Forever 21

Tank Top: BCBG (If you only ever splurge on one dress, splurge on BCBG. Price point isn’t totally outrageous and their styles are forever)

Stocking: Winners

Ring: Custom

Oh, we like Macs.