I dream of a vacation

A Fair friend and I have been dreaming of a beach in Crete for months and months and if I won the lottery, I’d book a flight for her and I in an instant. Once there, we’d set up shop on the beach, buy some cheap wine (yes, even millionaires do that…I think? I hope.), stock up on olives and nuts and gaze at the beautiful men, I mean azure blue ocean and clear skies, while beads of sweat trickle down to remind us that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Kansas being rainy Vancouver. Or, temperate Toronto.

What does that story have to do with this post? Nothing, actually. But, these grilled vegetables, hummus, cured meats and cornichon can certainly be found in lands yonder. I dare you to say cornichon only once. See, you can’t do it. It’s a fun word. Cornichon, cornichon, cornichon.

Shoe bread! It's always 3:99 at my house.

Making bread may cause blurred vision. I’ve always wanted to give ciabatta a go and the first time wasn’t so bad. I should have let it sit much longer, but time was of the essence. It was basically a mix of

4 cups of flour (I used all purpose because that’s all I had, but next time I’ll use bread flower)

1 sachet of yeast

1tsp salt

1tbs honey (those little yeasties are hungry little turds!)

2 cups of warm water (I think…can’t remember)

The beautiful thing about this bread is that no kneading is required and the consistency is very peculiar. I used a spatula to mix everything together into a gooey slurry bowl of goop. It was strange because it looked like it would be super sticky, but it wasn’t. If I could imagine what the texture of sea cucumber would be like, this was it. You should let this sit for about 12 or so hours and in that time it will bubble away into something beautiful. When it’s ready, you can pour it out of the bowl onto whatever you want to bake it on. It doesn’t hurt to flour your sheet. And, if you think it’s too soupy or gooey, add more flour. Or, Google a real recipe. I baked this at 400 C for I think 40 mins.

Hello, gorgeous.

And then that happened.

I later made a meat panties with the leftovers.

Here we have some kind of hard cheese, olives, CORNICHON!, beef Bresoala and cured bison from the French charcuterie place in Granville Island. As someone that doesn’t eat pork, it’s hard to find smoked/cured meats, but this beef Bresoala (an Italian air cured beef) and bison are great. Not to mention, bison is super good for you and more lean than chicken.

Hummus, houmus, whatever.

To get our veggies in, I blended some chickpeas, tahini, garlic, salt and lemon juice and finished it off with a little paprika and olive oil. I like my hummous to be a little on the thinner side, so I add some water to make it lest paste like and reduce the amount of oil that a lot of recipes call for and just do a small drizzle sometimes on the top after it’s made. To go with the hummous, we had some endive, peppers, grilled eggplant and zucchini. A little olive oil, salt and pepper touched the eggplant and zucchini before I used a cast iron grill pan to cook these babies.

Oyster Bay Merlot, surprisingly flavourful.

The main purpose of this impromptu Sunday dinner was because Dr. G and her beau were on their way back from Fanny Bay (yes, you Brits can insert your crotch jokes here) and came with a bunch of oysters. A simple mignonette, lemon juice and hot sauce were sloshed on them.

Sunday dinners, they’re a good thing!


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  1. MAKE A COOKING BLOG ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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