Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Treasure hunts; as children we all loved them and somehow they tend to get lost amongst the wayside as we grow older. There’s curiosity, a chase and something special at the end. Sounds much like a relationship, really. Well, Heatie’s relationship is on the road to something spectacular, a September wedding! Her lovely fiance is like a mullet, he’s business at the front and a party in the back and knows how to have a good time in any situation. So, when it’s his lady’s birthday, a scavenger hunt is the perfect present.

Vince gives a helping paw.

A scavenger hunt starts with some clues, and smarty pant eight year olds are a useful tool when figuring confusing shit out.

'At its heart, this is the story of two people who met by chance, fell in love and defied the odds to travel the world and follow their dreams'

This darling Kate Spade clutch was at the end of this rainbow. Fitting for a bride-to-be and the perfect accessory for her wedding day. One day, we’ll let you in on how they met, but it’s about as romantic as the quote on the back of the clutch. (see caption) In this case, first loves are forever loves. Magic!


Inside, Heather will be able to store wedding day essentials like, lipstick, tissues and a flask of vodka!

Birthday scavenger hunts that end in Kate Spade purses are a good thing. Well done, you!


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