Ladies Night: Dishoom – a Bombay Cafe in London

A recent trip over to the UK included a girls night with the mama and sisters in London, where we dined, drank, shopped and Ritzed! After a brief run in with a naked man in bed, in what was supposed to be our room, we settled into our (naked man free) rooms at the Morgon Hotel on St. Martins Lane. Though marginally embarrassing for all involved, okay a lot for the dude in bed, it certainly started our night off with a bashful giggle. Our original plan was to go to Wahaca, but call me a skeptic, I wasn’t thrilled about going for Mexican while in London. Having grown up with amazing Mexican in Texas, the bar is set quite high. We decided to do a little restaurant hop to make the most of our time in London, and to make this Mexican-food-in-London-skeptic happy.

A short walk from our hotel near Covent Garden was Dishoom – a Bombay Cafe in London, and it ended up being everyone’s favorite. The atmosphere was a mix of industrial-comfort-chic, while the menu evokes dishes you would find served at the original Bombay cafes that have evaporated over the years.Image

We ordered a few different dishes to share and with a vegetarian at the table, we focused on the meat free items.

We started with the Pau Bhaji, a bowl of mashed vegetables with hot buttered pau bun. This was a winner at our table!


The Bhel really caught our eyes and we weren’t disappointed. Loaded with puffed rice, Bombay Mix and nylon sev it was tossed with fresh pomegranate, tomato, onion, lime, tamarind, red chilli, garlic and ginger. It was the perfect mix of light and refreshing to wash down the more rich Pau Bahji. If you’re in Vancouver, Vij’s Railway Express makes something similar.


It’s not secret that I love fish and there was no way we could pass up the Skate Cheeks Koliwada. These tasty and deep fried morsels were amazing! They were full of flavor and umami, leaving us wanting more. The tamarind and date chutney made the perfect dipping accompaniment. You MUST order this dish!

The girls ordered some cheese naan, but I regretfully didn’t try any. My ploy to save room for Mexican later was a waste. I bet it was delicious.


The final dish of the night was our least favorite, but considering each dish prior to it set the bar very high, we’ll cut this wrap some slack. The Paneer Roll lacked the POW! BANG! POP! that each of the other dishes had, but you may love it, so don’t take my word for it.


If you’re in London, make room for Dishoom! We’re still drooling over it three weeks later…


Oh, hi!

Me too. I know, I’ve missed you too. It’s just… It’s just that it’s been really busy lately. No, I…No. No, it’s not like that. I haven’t been avoiding you. Pardon? You what? Oooohhh…okay, gotcha. Well, in any case…we’re talking now. Let’s do tea. Sunday? Yeah, sure. That’s great. Okay, see you soon. Okay okay okay. Buh bye.

We’re back.

Not so awkward

I’m sorry. Really. It’s just that we haven’t had internet at home for ages. We’re back. Big changes are happening though and The Wee House will only be around until the end of September…then Heatie flys to Cowtown and I go back to the bright lights and shiny cars. Downtown living, I’ve missed you too. Alas, we’re back!

So, everyone remembers when we first were introduced to Heather’s family right? If not, here’s a little refresher…

You can't make this stuff up.

Well, I think most people would have feared for what these kids would turn into. I mean, the way Heather’s boyfriend…I mean brother is leaning over her, you would think he would have ended up with back problems. And then there’s poor little Anastasia…I’m pleased to say that the only time she wears her speed-skating outfit in public is when she’s skating in the Olympics.

By the looks of things…they turned out A-OK.

Look, mom! No hands!

On a Saturday

Weekends, birthdays, random days off from work; they’re all an excuse to go to our favourite breakfast spot, Medina. Yes, the wait. The wait is a downer sometimes, especially when you’re hungover and tired from pre-30 Friday night adventures with crazy Calgarians. That’s another post in itself, one that deserves a video blog to fully expose the awesomeness of the band at the Astoria….tight metallic dresses, terrible ballet, mary jane-esque flats and more mumbling than Ozzy himself. Were there even words to those songs?!

Anyways. Moving on.

Fact is, the wait is worth it. Don’t even contemplate going elsewhere, even if only for a hot second. Nothing compares. Really.

Why do I even bother looking at the menu?

He said it was delicious, but it's certainly no Libanais.

We get the same thing every time – Lavender lattes (half sweet with skim) and the¬†Libanais (with grilled focaccia¬†instead of pita chips for me, but Heather likes the crunchy pita chips). If she’s feeling extra naughty, Heather will get a waffle with lavender chocolate. I usually steal a bite. Sinful, I know…but have you seen her?! She’s the devil in disguise.

If you keep your face like that, it's going to stick forever.

Look who we met outside! His lashes were the best thing I’ve seen since…well, they’re the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

Pooch, I likes you. Yer lashes are purdy!